The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus lets you experience life to the full, with effortlessly clear communication whenever you need it. With these stylish True Wireless hearing solution you can follow every conversation with ease, from crowded environments like offices or restaurants to phone calls, as well as when streaming content. And with simple setup and control via an intuitive app, it is the clear choice for clear conversations.

Easy communication whenever you need it

Whether at home, in the office or out on the town, Conversation Clear Plus is the ideal choice for clearer conversations thanks to its powerful Speech Enhancement. The Automatic Scene Detection constantly analyses surroundings and automatically adjusts speech enhancement to your environment so you can always hear speech clearly.*


Control your environment

Conversation Clear Plus lets you choose whether you need to avoid being distracted or to stay connected to your surroundings. It features outstanding Active Noise Cancellation that works dynamically to block out background noise so that you can focus with less effort, and there is also an option that lets you communicate while still hearing some sound from your environment.

Simple setup and effortless operation
Conversation Clear Plus delivers an intuitive, hassle-free user experience that is easy to set up and use for your personal requirements. The Conversation Clear app guides you step-by-step to help you tailor the settings to your individual listening preferences. It has dedicated settings for three different listening scenarios: Relax lets you select the amount of background noise you want to block, while the Communication and Streaming scenarios automatically adjust settings for the best performance in conversations or streaming content.

Connects to multiple devices
Conversation Clear Plus seamlessly connects to phones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth, boosting phone conversations and video conferences with its powerful speech enhancement capability. The Optimized Media Streaming feature analyses audio entertainment to detect content with more speech (e.g. podcasts, news), or movies or music, and automatically applies the best type of enhancement. CONVERSATION CLEAR PLUS PRODUCT STORY 2/4

Modern style with excellent comfort
With its advanced True Wireless earbud design, Conversation Clear Plus gives you superb speech enhancement in a modern style. The compact earbuds have been designed to ensure outstanding comfort based on extensive ergonomic research, while a choice of ear adapters and fins in three sizes ensures a secure fit. And with a 9-hour battery life that can be charged on the go via the charging case to provide 27 hours of use in total, you can be sure that Conversation Clear Plus will be ready whenever you need it.


Pricing and availability

The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus will be available in dedicated Broadway and Fortress Stores on the 24th Aug 2023, the SRP is $7,499.

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